Crochet and Rug Patterns in the Entryway

Crochet and Rug Patterns in the Entryway. Do you know that crochet blanket for your couch, bed, or any relaxing space in your house or workplace, that makes all the difference in decor and with the cozy warmth it provides?

Yes, there are many models in crochet with this intention for you to be inspired.

Stitched from side-to-side and done with the Bernat Forever Flence, you can choose the shade that matches your preferences and tastes!

Everything needed for your family and friends to feel the invitation to curl up in a comfortable and esthetically beautiful way!

The week after I made these Bernat style Crochets available in my living room, it was like a new attraction. People I had over my house were immediately drawn to it. Due to its combination of beauty and comfort.


Also, because you can opt for a rectangular, square, round and even the half-moon pattern the variety of options make the possibility of different combinations, which brings vitality and harmony to the house.

Also, models vary in color, texture, finish, and size. That’s because they can be made with knitted yarn, wool, string, among other types of yarn.

The technique itself allows for all these variations and this makes the curling up even more special. After all, it is possible to make your own with a lot of creativity and security, after knowing several models, checking out the tips and some tutorials.

In this article we will specifically focus on crochet rugs for your entryway. Which is also a success in my house!

3 Crochet Rug Models for the Entryway

Specific ideas, emotions and sensations are broadcasted by different rug models, depending on the format and style.

The main idea is customizing it as you please! However it’s important to know the basic shapes and out of these you can create details, bars and creative compositions.

Square Rug

One of the main features of this shape is that, depending on the colors and textures used, it usually brings modernity and simplicity altogether, in perfect sync.

The crochet stitches tend to appear closer together and with little spacing since the square usually appears with few details and in minimalist decorations.

For example, the corners and edges can bring surprises in the details, such as fringes or ripples.

Half-Moon Rug

The traditional half-moon rug crochet is a classic one, which can be placed at the entrance of your house.

One interesting idea you may want to try with this model is composing the rnd with the rainbow colors, in such way that this figure is formed through the shape of the rug itself.

It’s important to point out that this style is perfect for those who want to use a round shape, but at the same time want a more compact piece to be close to the door.

Its shape is a perfect match to garnish your house because the straight line of the rug is close to the door. Also, it brings romance vibes to the environment having the half-moon round shape.

Round Rug

Although the round entrance rug is not so often seen it is still a great option.

People usually tend to choose the half-moon model in case they want to put a crochet rug on the entrance door since it is more compact.

That is because the round model ends up taking up more space at the entrance, even though this can be quite interesting to run away from the standard and be more innovative.

In this sense, the circle is great for decorations that combine with mandala-style compositions or with the use of many colors.

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