Crochet bikini: The Paton Grace yarn and other patterns

Hello girls! How are the first days of 2022? Me and my family have been enjoying each other’s presence and traveling a little! Crochet bikini is the pattern of today!

And of course, I found the time to share some quality content and tutorial with you! We are visiting some beaches and I had the insight to talk a little about crochet bikinis!

So, if you’d like to learn how to make a charming crochet bikini and more about the subject here is the place! Besides being able to check a beautiful step-by-step crochet bikini, you will also see many models for you to expand your awareness about it and create more and more beautiful and differentiated items.

Crochet bikini, being a smaller item, which usually requires the use of fewer rows, can be made quicker and you can sell it for a higher price. This will increase your cash in and will also have a better value for money, since you can sell an item that usually takes less time to be made for a higher price.

And the more you spice up your crochet bikinis, the more you’ll sell them. Truth is that people that buy crochet bikinis are in most cases doing so for the fancy design and the item’s uniqueness.


Try making a colorful bikini or embroidering jewels on your crocheted bikini.

Child Model

Finesse and simplicity. These words describe well the pieces made in crochet. Crochet bikinis provide practicality, comfort and freedom to children! Also, it really looks charming on them!

The items are easy to make, and the colors vary according to your preference. Tough most models are made only with the double and chain stitch in the manufacture, the tutorial for today’s one is a little more complex.

To get the size right, all you need to do is add new rnds until you reach the ideal size for the child.

To make bikinis for babies, the technique is the same. But the tip is to use a smooth line. Give preference to threads made with natural fibers, such as cotton.

In addition to being softer, this option reduces the chances of irritation or allergies to the baby’s delicate skin.

When it’s time to finalize your project, it’s worth investing in small stones, such as pearls, to finish it off.

However, don’t forget to fix the gemstones well. If they come off, they can be swallowed by the baby.


Besides the charming look that fringes and frills add to the bikini, they also give the impression that your boobs are bigger!

There are several ways to make frills. The simplest is to make a row from the inside-out and another from the right, interspersing peaks that will form the frills on the front side of the item.

It is still possible to make fringes or apply frills as a trim.


It is not because your item is handcrafted that sophistication should be left aside.

To give a stylish touch to your piece, you can make lots of implementations and enhance the finishing touch.

Stones, rings, and textures can be used to give an exclusive and unique look to your bikini.

About the tutorial

After a web search we decided to select the Paton Grace cotton for this tutorial. Due to its ultrasoft cotton yarn, and for being an up-to-date item!

One of the best features is that this yarn suits well for lightweight items, which means that if you are making a bikini (specially for babies or children), this one is a great option!

The colors are quite vibrant, that will make your crochet bikini stand out from the others! So if you are looking for a charming item with an elegant shine and texture this is the tutorial you are looking for.

To check the step-by-step just click on the following link!

We wish you all an amazing 2022! May the new year bless you with wealth, health and beautiful crochet items!

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