How to Make an Striped Crop Top

Hello everyone! Julie here. Before diving into today’s exciting crochet tutorial, let me share a heartwarming memory from my past that perfectly sets the tone for our project, a striped crop top.


A few years ago, during a summer vacation, I found myself reminiscing about the beautiful moments I spent with my grandmother.

We used to sit together by the fireplace, and she would patiently teach me the intricacies of crocheting. One project that especially stood out was a striped sweater she made, which later became my favorite winter wear. As the memories flowed, an idea bloomed. Why not create something similar? And here I am, sharing this beautiful crochet tutorial inspired by that nostalgic summer day.

Striped Crop Top – About this Crochet 

Our project for today is an easy-to-make single crochet crop top, which boasts a fun, retro 80’s vibe with its striped design. This stylish top comprises four single crochet panels. Two panels form the front and back, while the other two become the sleeves.


Once pieced together, you’ll have a crop top that not only showcases your crafting skills but also adds a chic touch to your wardrobe.

Rediscovering the Magic of Crochet

On a rainy afternoon years ago, I sat cross-legged, watching my grandmother’s skilled fingers weave vibrant yarn patterns. The soft chime of her crochet hook moving rhythmically was almost hypnotic. “Can you teach me?” I had asked, my voice full of childlike wonder.

With a nod and a smile, she handed me my first crochet hook and a ball of yarn. That simple act sparked a passion that’s stayed with me ever since. Through the years, crochet has been my silent companion, my creative outlet.

Fast forward to today, when I stumbled upon Cyndi’s captivating design for the single crochet crop top. It was a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, much like my own journey with crochet. Inspired, I embarked on recreating this design, eager to intertwine my personal memories with this fresh, trendy pattern.

And now, I’m excited to share this blend of old and new with you. Let’s dive in!

Materials Required for Striped Crop Top

  • Yarn:
    • Caron One Pound: 1 skein each of Off White, Sunflower, Rose, and Aqua.
  • Size J/7mm hook
  • Large metal tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • 10 to 20 stitch markers
  • Measuring tape

Stitches Involved

  • SINGLE CROCHET (SC): Insert your hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through two loops on hook.

Getting the Right Measurements

For your crop top to fit just right, two essential measurements are crucial:

  1. Shoulder to shoulder (width)
  2. Shoulder to high waist (length)

Based on the creator’s dimensions, the panels should be approximately 21” in width and 19” in length. Adjust these measurements to fit your body shape.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Striped Crop Top

1. Crafting the Panels:

  • Start by chaining 51 or however many you need to get the width of approximately 21”.
  • ROW 1: Begin from the 2nd chain from the hook, working an SC. Continue the SC into the remaining chains. By the end, you should have 50 stitches. Chain 1 and turn.
  • Repeat this process for approximately 52 rows or until you reach 19” in length. Follow the stripe color grid provided below for a stunning pattern.

Stripe Color Grid:

  • 12 rows of Off White
  • 2 rows of Sunflower
  • 8 rows of Rose
  • 2 rows of Aqua
  • 30 rows of Off White

2. Constructing Your Crop Top:

  • On a flat surface, align two of the panels (for the front and back).
  • Fold them in half to determine their center and mark this point with a stitch marker.
  • Attach the four corners of both panels using more stitch markers.
  • For the neck opening, measure an 11” space from the center of the panels. Mark this on both sides using stitch markers.
  • Using your tapestry needle and yarn, stitch the panels together, stopping once you reach the neck opening markers.
  • Lay your stitched panels flat with the seams facing up. Fold your sleeve panels in half and mark their center. Align this center with the shoulder seam of your stitched panels and attach using stitch markers.
  • Once the sleeves are secured, fold the entire piece in half at the shoulder seam and line up the edges. Stitch the sides and sleeves together, and weave in any loose ends.

Turn your top right-side-out, and voilà! Your very own crocheted striped crop top is ready to shine.

Tips to Personalize Your Crochet Crop Top

The beauty of crochet lies not just in the technique but also in the freedom to customize. Every piece you create carries a hint of your personal touch, making it truly unique. Here are some suggestions to further personalize your crop top:

1. Play with Colors: While the provided color guide offers a chic 80’s pattern, there’s nothing stopping you from trying out other combinations. Maybe an ombré pattern, with shades getting progressively darker or lighter, or even a nature-inspired color scheme like beachy or forest tones.

2. Add Accessories: Consider sewing on small embellishments like sequins, beads, or tiny buttons to add some flair to your top. They can be placed at the sleeve edge, neckline, or even scattered across the top for a “starry” effect.

3. Adjust the Length: Not into a crop top? Extend the measurements to create a regular-length blouse or even a dress. The possibilities are limitless when you’re in control of the design!

4. Pattern Variations: The simple crochet technique can be interspersed with other types of stitches to create varied textures. Introduce stitches like double crochet, treble crochet, or even popcorn stitch patterns for a 3D effect.

5. Personalized Neckline: If you prefer a deeper neckline or an off-shoulder design, make the necessary alterations in the construction steps. A V-neckline or a strap design can add an intriguing variation to the basic design.

Striped Crop Top

Full Pattern: Click Here

Remember, crochet is an art, and like any art, personal interpretation and expression are key. Don’t hesitate to let your imagination fly and craft a design that’s authentically yours. Whatever your choice, the most important thing is to enjoy the process and wear your creation with pride.

Creating this Striped Crop Top has been a journey down memory lane for me, bridging the past with the present. Every stitch, every row reminds me of the legacy of my grandmother and the warm moments we shared. I hope you find as much joy in crafting this as I did. For those who prefer a visual tutorial, Cyndi, the original creator of this pattern, has a fantastic video tutorial on her YouTube channel, Sugar Joye. Give it a watch!

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