Lovely Pattern to Craft a Pineapple Amigurumi

Lovely Pattern to Craft a Pineapple Amigurumi. Did you know that crochet besides allowing the creation of various clothes and decorative pieces for home, it is also possible to use it to make beautiful animals?

That’s exactly what you read, we are talking about the famous Amigurumis.

Amigurumis are knitting and crochet animals that were created in the 1980s in Japan, which is a country well known for using various weaving techniques.

Today we are going to teach you the tutorial for creating a crocheted Amigurumi in the shape of a pineapple, which you can use as a decoration, especially in a baby’s room. Check out the entire step by step below.


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1 strand in Watermelon, Gold, Flag and Pink;

1 strand in Dark Khaki, Black, Light Aqua Green;

2mm crochet hook.

It is in the size of 15 cm.

To create a body:

Start with double yarn in dark khaki color;

1 – 6sc. in the magic ring = 6sc.

2 – Inc. 6x = 12sc.

3 – 1sc. 1inc. 6x = 18sc

Change to double wire in Gold color.

4 – (Work only the loops inside each sc.) 2sc. 1 inc. 6x = 24sc.

5 – 3sc. 1 inc. 6x = 30sc.

6 – 4sc. 1 inc. 6x = 36sc.

7 – 5sc. 1 inc. 6x = 42sc.

8 – 1 sc. about each sc. 42x = 42sc.

9 – 1 sc. for each sc. 42x = 42sc.

10 – 6sc. 1 inc. 6x = 48sc.

11 to 20 – 1sc. for each sc. 48x = 48sc.

21 – 6sc. 1dec 6x = 42sc.

22 – 1 sc. for each sc. 42x = 42sc.

23 – 5sc. 1dec. 6x = 36sc.

24 and 25 – 1sc. for each sc. 36x = 36sc.

26 – 4sc. 1dec 6x = 32sc.

27 – 3sc. 1dec 6x = 24sc.

28 – 2sc. 1dec. 6x = 18sc.

29 – 1sc. 1dec 6x = 12sc.

30 – dec. 6x = 6sc.

Close with fake magic ring. Finish off.


Start with double wire in Flag color.

Work the loops on the outside of row 4 of the pineapple body.

1 – 3dc in 1sc. 2 little chains. 1sc in 1sc. 2 chains. 9x.

End with sl st.

Embroider with the thread in Gold color and the nose of the pineapple between row 17 and 18 of the body and embroider the mouth with a thread in pink color between row 13 and 12.


Start with double strand in Black color.

1 – 6sc. in the magic ring = 6sc.

2 – Increase. 6x = 12sc.

3 – 1sc. 1inc. 6x = 18sc.


Change to yarn using Watermelon color;

4 – 7 little chains, secure with sc. in the last sc. of the lens row 3. 2sc 1inc. 3x. Make 2 chains. fasten with sc. in the last sc. from row 3 of the second lens, 2sc. 1 inc. 3x. Make 8 chains, turn and make 1 sc. for each sc. 2x. 2 sc in 1 sc. 1x. 1 sc in each sc. 4x. reattach to the eyeglass lens with sc. and make 2sc. 1 inc. 3x. in the chains that join one lens to the other make 1sc. for each sc. 2x. and fasten to lens with sc. and make 2sc. 1 inc. 3x, when arriving at the chains, do it. 1 sc for each sc. 4x. 2sc  in 1sc . 1x and 1sc. for each sc. 2x.

End and leave thread to sew.

Sew the ends of the glasses’ sides and the middle between one frame and another, leaving the glasses looser on the face, giving a more realistic look to the piece.


Start with double thread in Flag color.

1 – 8sc. in the magic ring = 8sc.

2 – (Work only the loop inside each sc.) inc. 8x = 16sc.

3 – 1 sc. 1 inc. 4x = 20sc.

4 – (Work only the loop inside each sc.) 2 sc. 1 inc. 4x = 24sc.

5 – 3sc. 1 inc. 4x = 30sc.

6 – (Work only the loop inside each sc.) 1 sc. for each sc. =30sc.

7 – 1sc. for each sc. =30bsc.

8 – (Work only the loop inside each sc.) 1 sc. for each sc. =30sc.

9 – 3sc. 1 dec 4x = 24sc.

10 – (Work only the loop inside each sc.) 1 sc. for each sc. =24sc.

Fasten the yarn in the first loop of the first row that was not done and sew stitch (1 sc. 6 chains) in each loop that was not worked, and follow this throughout the piece, working in a spiral.

Fasten and lay the thread to sew.

Sew on top of pineapple body.


Make 01 strand in watermelon color and 01 with double strand in aqua green.

1- Inside the magic ring make 3 high stitches. and 1 sc, repeat 4 times, close the magic ring with two knots with the two ends that remain from the beginning and end of the magic ring, which prevents the flowers from coming apart due to the constant handling of the piece.


Cut 3 strips of approximately 10cm, thread in watermelon color and 3 with thread in aqua green color.

Make a simple braid and knot the ends leaving a fringe.

Tie at the base of the wreath and sew the flowers close to the beginning of the wreath.

To give the pineapple a sunny look you can paint the cheeks with orange eyeshadow/paint using a makeup brush.

Now enjoy this beautiful new decorative item for your home. See you again soon!

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