Twinkling Granny Square Sweater

Embrace the joy of creating something unique and beautiful with your own hands! In this detailed step-by-step guide


we will walk you through creating a Twinkling Granny Square Sweater, a charming crochet project that will bring both warmth and style to your wardrobe.

Not only will you learn a new set of crochet skills, but you will also leave with a vibrant, homemade sweater to treasure or gift to a loved one.

The Twinkling Granny Square Sweater

The Twinkling Granny Square Sweater is a stunning crochet piece that showcases the timeless Granny Square Motif in a refreshing, twinkling design.

Its radiant colors and intricate pattern make it a fashion statement in any season. While this tutorial is a simplified version and comes in one size only, it offers guidelines to guide you on your path to mastery.


Materials Needed

  • DK weight yarn in four colors: A, B, C & D – 100g or 250m/273 yards in each color.
  • Border join color E – 200g/500m/546 yards.
  • Specific yarns used: Cream, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Grey.
  • Tools: 4mm / G hook for squares & joining border, and a 3mm / D hook for the neck border.

Sweater Dimensions

  • Around the chest: 126cm / 49.60inches
  • Shoulder to hem: 45cm / 17.71inches
  • Sleeve circumference: 33cm / 13inches
  • Sleeve length: 26cm / 10.23cM

How to Assemble

  1. Create 92 full motifs & 4 half motifs for the neck opening.
  2. Lay them out per the schematic, ensuring squares with the same border colors are not touching.
  3. Sew together all motifs, preferably using a whip stitch or mattress stitch. Alternatively, use the “Join As You Go” (JAG) method or the Japanese continuous crochet method.
  4. Add another row of hdc border to the underarms and side seams to widen the sleeves.
  5. Seam using the continuous method or sewing.
  6. For the hem and cuffs, add another row of hdc border & a row of single crochet in the same color, finishing with a row of single crochet through the back loops only with a contrasting color.
  7. Neck edge: start with a larger opening and gradually decrease the size with multiple rounds until it reaches the preferred size.

Full Pattern: Click Here

Remember, practice makes perfect! Every stitch you make, every row you complete, brings you one step closer to your finished sweater and a higher level of crochet proficiency.

This journey is about more than creating a garment; it’s about the satisfaction and confidence gained from creating something beautiful with your own hands.

So, keep going, don’t get discouraged, and remember that every master was once a beginner. Happy crocheting!

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