Crochet American Set

Hi girls!! All right with you? Today I’m back here with two new and stunning crochet American set tutorial to share with you. Last week I posted a beautiful sofa blanket and received many positive comments about this recipe! I was very happy that you liked it!

Today the tutorial I’m going to share are from the American Set. They are The Plat American Set and The Souper American Set crochet. Both of them are gorgeous!

First we will take a look on The Plat American Set, I’m sure that the one who make this tutorial will make the next meals much more charming lol. With this Plat American Set recipe you can replace your tablecloth and make your after meal cleaning easier =)

The crochet Plat American Set tutorial is quite simple and we will use the most basic stitches. In the tutorial you will find the graphics for the tablecloth and the coaster. The recipe suggests that we should make them in green and raw, but feel free to come up with color combinations that best suit your environment.


So let’s move one to the details of the Plat American Set.

Plat American Set

o Size (roughly): 42cm x 30cm

o Materials Needed: a roll of Apollo 4/6 twine string (700g) in ecru, a skein of Multicolor Baroque twine 4/6 (400g) in green; crochet hook number 4.

Plat American Set Stitches

Chain Stitch

Slip Stitich

Double Crochet

Now we will move on to one to another American Set, one of my favorites, I saw the tutorial for this one on a magazine: The American Souper Set. I’ve always been in love with American Sets, and whenever I see one I can’t hold back and I come running so I can post on the blog and share with you.

The Souper American Set tutorial is super simple to make. We are only going to use the most basic crochet stitches – chain, single crochet, slip stitch and double crochet – and as you look at the graph you will see that there is no big deal in making the coaster and placemat work.

Digging a little deeper on the details of the Souper Placemat Set tutorial , we can notice that the recipe is divided into two graphics: the first one shows how to make the American Set, which is very simple, in such way that we start by making the base of it in a circle ending with the barred; and the second graphic shows us how to make the coaster, we start with the base chains and end with the circle using the single crochet stitch. Well, the graph makes it much easier to understand how to do it.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you can make this beautiful American Set to delight your guests!!

So let’s see the specs for the Souper American Set

Crochet Placemat Souper Specs

o Size (approximate): 18cm x 18cm

o Materials needed: natural Baroque yarn; Baroque MaxColor in the colors 5203 (green), 2194 (turquoise), 3635 (red), 4676 (pumpkin), 1289 (yellow) and 6116 (wonderful); Baroque Multicolor in 9392 (green), 9113 (turquoise), 9245 (red), 9157 (pumpkin), 9368 (yellow) and 9284 (pink); crochet hook number 3mm.

Crochet Souper American Set Stitches

The Chain Stitch

The Slip Stitch

The Single Stitch

The Double Crochet

I’ve got be honest, I have both and I interim them around every two weeks or so. But I have bias when it comes to choosing the best one. I will not say which one is. I will leave it for your imagination, lol.

So, this is it! Two amazing tutorial that will enhance the looks of your rooms and make your table even more beautiful

To learn more about these tutorials click on the following link: Click Here!


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