Crochet Bed Quilt

Jardinière Crochet Bed Quilt Tutorial in Crochet

Good morning amazing girls! I’m back again after a period I spend traveling on business, to share with you a very beautiful tutorial that you will surely love: the Jardinier Bed Bedspread!

A while ago I shared this bed quilt and the result was pretty good; many of you praised it and made beautiful comments. So, I thought I should post one more recipe in this category, in this way you will have more models to choose from. And let’s agree on something: making our room even more beautiful is priceless!

Talking about today’s tutorial, the Jardinière Bed Quilt, it is simpler to make than the previous one. The step by step will show how it is so: to make the base of the quilt we will use 139 chain stitches, make 4 of these stitches, turn and repeat until the end of the rnd. After that we have the graphic that enables you to make the trim and the flowers.

I really hope you enjoy having this kind of tutorial, since I have others to share with you. And I also would like to thank you for keeping accessing and helping the blog, so we can keep sharing these beautiful recipes with more and more people =*


So let’s take a look at the specifications of the Jardinière Bed Quilt.


Specifications of the Crochet Jardinière Bed Quilt

o Size (approximate): 210cm x 80cm

o Materials needed: Baroque Natural Gold Shine thread with the color 20; Multicolor Baroque yarn, in colors 9715 (blue), 9413 (pink), 9563 (purple) and 9392 (green); crochet hook number 3mm.

Crochet Jardinière Bed Quilt Stitches

The chain stitch

the slip stitch

the single crochet

The half double crochet

The double crochet

the slip stitch

The single crochet

The -chain picot

What a beautiful quilt!

That’s it for the bed quilt, now we will move on to our next today’s tutorial.

 Couette Bed Quilt Tutotial with Crochet Pads

Even though this one is similar to the previous one, there are some differences that make it a beautiful, colorful quilt. And we’re adding two pillows in the tutorial as a gift. Ever since I saw the tutorial for this quilt I’ve loved it and I’m sure you will love it too; and check out its trim with these beautiful motifs!!!

Digging a little deeper on the subject of the Couette Bed Quilt, we see that it measures approximately 210cm x 90cm, and I believe that the creative process is medium level difficulty.

In the step by step recipe, we have it divided into seven graphs, in order to make the tutorial very detailed. We have the quilt step-by-step, explaining how to carry out the work and finish; we also have the step by step of the motifs, to end the piece; and to conclude, we are proving you with a very detailed explanation for the process of making the pads that come with the set.

Hope you like this special tutorial I’m posting today. I know it’s a little more complicated than the previous ones I’ve posted, but I’m sure all of you will be able to do this job without any further problems. And if you like tutorials like this one, you can tell me in the comments that I’ll arrange more posts like this one!

So, let’s see the specifications of the Couette Bed Quilt.

Crochet Couette Bed Quilt Specifications

o Size (approximate): 210cm x 90cm

o Materials needed: threads in colors 1112 (straw), 5781 (avocado green), 2500 (blue), 4156 (carrot), 5638 (dark green), 6116 (pink) and 1289 (yellow); crochet hook number 1.75mm.

Crochet Couette bed quilt stitches

The chain stitch

The slip stitch

the single crochet

the double crochet

the 5 double crochet popcorn

The 3-chain picot

Very beautiful!

That’s all for today Girls. If you liked the tutorial, don’t forget to download it and also share it on the FanPage! Kisses!

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