Crochet hat: tutorials and ideas

Hi beauties! Lets make an Crochet Blanket today!

How are things with you? We hope all is well!
We are getting to middle of the first week of January so share with us if you have already mane any item so far this year!

Also, we’d love to know if your level skills in crochet! Tell us how long have you been practicing this art!

Today we decided to bring two articles in one. Both tutorials for today are for the beginners and are easy to be made. They are a crochet blanket and a crochet hat. In that way we will make a brief overview about both of them and share with you the step-by-step, in such way that you will learn about the models and ideas, and also get your hands on it!

Crochet Blanket

So, do you want an inspiration for today? First tap into all the crochet blanket ideas we’ve brought you so you can dive into this subject.

It’s known that sometimes an inspiration can come “out of nowhere”, technically speaking, when your nervous system is aligned and in synch, which means that your body is coherent, you are experience uplifting emotions and calm, your brain has the conditions to come up with good ideas. That’s a good moment to have ideas for your crochet items.


But, also, many times inspiration come when we are seeing or hearing something interesting. That’s why it’s so important to always stay tuned, seeing new crafts, whether this is your line of work or is just something for fun. If you want inspiration for today, check out some crochet blanket models, and for last you learn the step by step of a beautiful and easy one!

Colorful Crochet Sofa Blanket

Your crochet sofa blanket can be very colorful if you like all the items in your home to have joy as a trademark.

Crochet Blanket for Corner Sofa

Even the corner sofa can receive a crochet blanket, either for protection or just for decoration.

Crochet Sofa Protector

Your blanket can be on any part of the sofa you like. It can be placed on the entire sofa, seat, arm or back, in accordance to your preference.

Crochet Blanket Tutorial

Let’s talk now about the tutorial for the Crochet Blanket! Look on how amazing it is! Outstanding item!

There’s a richness on it but at the same time its design is not complicated. You will need to make slip stitches and some specific movements to get this look. On the following link you will be able to download the step by step!

Crochet Cap

One of the pieces of clothing that should always be present in a set of women’s accessories, regardless of age, is the cap. Due to its elegance and modeling of the face and hair, the cap is popular in all seasons, especially those made with crochet, according to the material used in the fabric and the stitches made.

If you are interested in starting your production in crochet techniques, consider the help of a cap making tutorial that uses the technique with varying stitches, to have more procedures, which is exactly the case of the one we are sharing here with you.

Crochet Cap Tutorial

The tutorial for today’s crochet cap is a shell stitch one. You will also need to make double crochet, single crochet. Another tip is matching it with a scarf! Remember to add the shades of your preference.

To download the step by step just click on the following link.

We hope you have enjoyed it!

Please, leave your comments about both tutorials and content! And remember to share your skill level too.

See you on our next article!


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