About Amigurumis & Amigurumi Alien Child Tutorial

Hello dear reader! We hope all is well! Lets make an Amigurumi Alien today!

Today will talk a little bit about the basics of amigurimis, also we’ve brought a beautiful Amigurimi Alien tutorial, which is extremely cute and cool!

One of the main challenges when a person is a beginner in crochet and amigurumi techniques is the choice of materials. This poses a great doubt! Which ones should I always have?

Though the variety of options and the abundance of yarns and hooks types we have available is an amazing thing, it can be quite a challenge when it comes to pick up the right ones!

That’s why this first part of the article is an amigurumi beginner’s guide with tips and clarifications to get you started feeling safe and sound about your choice.


Amigurumi for beginners: how to get started?

Amigurumis are nothing more than toys made from crochet stitches. In this technique, it is used a mix of stitches to make the parts of the pet or character chosen.

So, before putting an effort on these toys, you must embed the basis of crochet techniques.

First, to crochet your first Amigurumi, you need basic crochet materials like:

Crochet hooks

Crochet threads

Materials for eyes and other details

Filling materials (cotton, silicon fiber, among others)

Next are short explanations about each of these materials and some help on how to choose the correct ones.


There are dozens of types of crochet hooks, they adapt to provide comfort for the craftsperson.

It’s important to say: there is no right or wrong hook, just the one you feel most comfortable with. So, test several models to find the one you like the most.

The hook type is dependable on what is required by each thread. You don’t have to memorize that because the label of each ball indicates the size needed.

It’s advisable to choose an intermediate size hook, such as 2.5mm when you are beginner.

That’s because it gets easier to make the loops when the thread is not too thin and it is easier, it’s better to detect the stitches that are being made.


The thread chosen is specific to the person’s needs, the pattern and also taste. The thread will change according to the size of the toy you want (thin and thick threads), and with the colors available, yarn texture, etc.

In general, we can say that any crochet thread can be used to make amigurumis.

Materials for the Eyes

The eyes of your toys can make the difference!

Some of the materials available are: felt, sewing button, beads and also with a specific material for this type of work, eyes with safety pins. They have a lock that prevents them from coming off.


One of the best materials to make your amigurumi alive is silicon fiber. It is the one that is usually put in pillows. It’s at the same time soft and firm!

Other people also gather lines and scraps to use as filling.

The Amigurumi Alien and its Family

Once I was in a music festival and there were many craft tends selling their products. The moment we took our eyes on the male alien we fell in love with it! My ex at the time immediately bought it.

We call it Argan (don’t ask me why, I think it’s just because it sounds cool, lol). The design and trims are incredible and the whole toy is made up with wire which works like some sort of skeleton that enables realistic movements!

Its uniqueness and realness even inspired us to create a narrative for his story. And it wasn’t before long that we found him a wife and child.

Check out his own Instagram on the following link.

So today we’ve brough to you the tutorial and pattern for the child! This one is easier to make than the other two.

To learn how to make an Amigurumi Alien Child click on this link!

We wish you a great week!

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