Crochet Napking Holders and the Heart Napkin Tie

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First, I’d like to ask for those who follow our posts to share with us your favorite patterns and articles. Also, please, how is you’re the improvement of your crochet skills? Please, tell us your story!

We’ve already shared with you many kinds of handy patterns for different goals, and you may think that we are arriving at the limit of the kinds of crochet crafts, but the true is that crochet is one of the most versatile handicrafts that exists. After you learn the technique, you can make varied pieces to use at home or even earn an extra buck in the month with the most popular types. A very beautiful example and that makes all difference at the table set is the crochet napkin.

The crochet napkin can be done the way it is more practical to you. Some prefer the square and colorful models, others like to just add a crochet nozzle to a regular napkin, and some prefer to make the fancy and formal crochet napkin tie, which is the pattern selected for today’s post.

But the truth is that because it is an element for a table, you can have a wide variety of crochet napkins to use according to the occasion. It is worth having some more sophisticated ones, such the napkin tie for important events such as Christmas and birthdays or businesses dinners, and others simpler for daily use.

Thinking about it, we will talk now about some crochet napkin models, share the pattern of the one I fancy the most, the crochet napkin tie.

If you do not like traditional crochet napkins, an alternative is to craft a crochet napkin holder to give a different touch the composition.


Just like any other crochet craft, you can choose the model that is the most enjoyable for you to use at the table set. Including, commemorative dates are even more interesting with the themed crochet napkin port. At Easter, for example, bet on the famous rabbit ears. Children love it!

When you make your crochet napkin holder, pay attention to the colors and details of all elements on the table. It is important to maintain balance between them. To facilitate, you can make super practical combinations and leave it on hold for important dates.

And if you do not want to go wrong in choosing, do the crochet napkin with flowers. It’s beautiful and combines with different occasions. Be sure to make it with the same colors of your crochet tablecloth!

The round crochet napkin is one of the most loved ones. In addition to being easy to do, it can also serve as coasters and even an extra detail to use with Sousplat.

As the round crochet napkin is very used in day to day, there are more than one model and colors of it, so you can innovate in the table decoration at each meal.

You can also sell kits with the round crochet napkin. Make models of different sizes and styles, however, keeping the perfection of the details in each piece. I guarantee that who likes to insert crafts at home will be interested in this work.

Crochet Heart Napkin Tie

As we mentioned before this type of crochet napkin is the one you will want to use in special occasions and formal dinners! To be honest I love this one so much that we use it daily! Truth is that our guests always comment something about it.

Elegancy is the differential when you want to create the perfect environment! Also, the special thing about this pattern are the hearts which can give a mix of elegancy and cuteness!

It’s important to point out that although is an easy level skill craft, it’s important to be very perfectionist with the details, so it can give the fancy look.

Click on the link to check out the pattern. All that is needed to make this type of crochet is in this kit on the website too.

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