Crochet Scarf & Baby Dress

Hello ladies! How are things with you? We hope your February is going well!

Firstly, we would like to reinforce the invitation we made in previous posts: Please, share with us your crafts, patterns, items, and tips. We’d like to remind you that the idea of this blog is to be, also, a form of knowledge exchanging about the subject of crochet. So, do not hesitate in sharing your experiences with crochet, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced sewer.

So, let’s get to business! Today we will talk about and share two crochet patterns. A scarf and a baby outfit.

We will get to the scarf first.

Crochet Scarf

We don’t know where you are reading this from, but right now we are in depths of the winter here, and I got tell you that being in the cold for that long and the lack of sun is something that really affects my mood. So, to put myself back to balance I practice sports, meditate, and of course make some elegant crochet items which beauty can be very uplifting during these times!

That’s why we decided to talk about this item. Here are some tips and information about it:

The crochet scarf perfectly replaces the traditional knitted scarf found in the coldest times of the year around the world.

There are such beautiful and different models, such as the scarf with crochet flowers, that people who do not crochet cannot even imagine that it is a piece made entirely and only with crochet. In terms of colors, you can bet on whatever you want, even on very colorful scarves, if you like vibrancy or for children who, by the way, can also win cute models and with friendly animals.


The crochet flowers leave your scarf with a level of beauty that surpasses the imaginable.

This year you can invest in a beautiful and distinctive crochet scarf instead of the traditional knitted scarf. Bet on the most differentiated models, very cute, to warm up more and differentiate your look more.

Men can bet on scarves in colors with a more sober and discreet look, if they don’t like more flashy models.

If you want to attract attention by using a scarf with a well-differentiated stitch from the crochet, bet on the scarf in secret stitch.

The one selected for this post is a crochet shell stitch basic scarf. The good news is that this is an easy level one, and you will be able to learn the crochet shell stitch. To check it out click on the following link. Bear in mind that everything needed to make this item is included in the kit.

Crochet Baby Dress

Our second topic and pattern is about the crochet baby dress.

The crochet baby dress ideas with graphic that you will see can result in many other ideas, as it is worth changing the color of the dress or incorporating more details, for example.

Check out as many ideas for children’s crochet dress patterns as possible and create amazing items that will make your customers delighted and their daughters even more beautiful, if you are already a well-known and experienced crochet maker who sells many products. And if not, you can also make on to your baby. Enhance each crochet dress with rhinestones, ribbons and flowers and get even more customers.

Many mothers opt for the crochet dress for a baptized baby with a well-rounded model, so that their girl looks like a princess. It is also worth adding cute details and even forming sets with other crochet pieces.

Crochet dresses can also be party dresses and are great options for moms who want to differentiate the look of their girls.

The pattern we selected is a great shower gift. It’s at the same time comfortable and stylish, which is everything a baby needs! Check this pattern on this link.

See you on our next article girls!

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