Crochet Rugs Ideas to Get Inspired and Decor

Crochet Rugs Ideas: Models to get inspired

Crochet comes and goes in people’s tastes, but it never goes out of style. In people’s homes in our country, we always find crochet pieces decorating the rooms, and because of people’s affection, interest in these pieces and the hype for decoration crafted made, the demand for crochet items is super high!

In this way, when we talk about crochet, the essential piece that comes to our mind is the crochet rug.

The interesting thing about the crochet rug is its flexibility and that it can be used to decorate any room in your house, such as the kitchen, bedroom and even bathrooms. For sure: a beautiful crochet rug makes any environment much cozier!

Here at Granny Crochet we have several crochet rug tutorials for you to download for free. In this post we will highlight the most clicked tutorials by our visitors. We know that there are countless models and shapes of crochet rugs, so if you want you can access our crochet rug tutorials complete collection.


Kitchen crochet mat

1) Bonheur Carpet

This is a very nice and simple crochet rug to make. In this model I think the four centered flowers give a very soft touch to the rug! In such way that I’m sure this model will make your kitchen more pleasant.

To see the step by step of this mat, click here.

2) Carpet with Round Central Motif

This model is quite reminiscent of classic crochet rugs. This rug is also super simple to make, and its step-by-step tutorial is well detailed. In the kitchen we know there can be some “disasters”, so having a rug can help clean up as needed.

To see the step by step of this mat, click here.

3) Le Pont carpet

Different from the other ones, this crochet rug has a more colorful and cheerful style. But in spite of that, you can still use this template to match your kitchen colors. Also, the tutorials we share on the blog are just for inspiration, you can feel free to make it more your style!

To see the step by step of this mat, click here.

Crochet mat for living room

4) Round Carpet Decoration

In addition to being useful in the kitchen, rugs can also give a new look to our living rooms. This model, for example, is quite remarkable due to the flowers and the geometry that’s been applied to it. In fact, I’m sure you’ll want to make a crochet rug like this for yourselves!

To see the step by step of this mat, click here.

5) Robinet Carpet

Certainly, this rug is one of my favorites! Looking at this crochet rug we can see the mix of the basic and the modern. And there’s a detail: his step-by-step tutorial is super simple to make. Without a doubt, this rug is a great choice for anyone starting crochet.

To see the step by step of this mat, click here.

6) Infruct mat

This crochet rug is a good example that we can make our rugs in several sizes, and they all serve the same purpose: to decorate the room. The Infruct Carpet is quite large, almost 1.50m in diameter, and without a doubt it can occupy a large room and make it look great.

To see the step by step of this mat, click here.

As we saw in this post, we have several reasons to decorate our environment with a beautiful crochet rug. No matter the size or model of the rug, we can use our creativity to use one of them as a great decoration.

So don’t forget to check out our entire collection of free crochet tutorials. Choose the model that suits you the most and download it.

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