Crochet for Beginners – A guide with tips

Hello friend, in this article I will teach you the basics you need so you can learn crochet for beginners. When we are learning something, everything seems a little more difficult than it really is.

So maybe you are in doubt about which type of yarn or about what thickness you will choose to make your tutorial, or maybe you are in doubt about which needle among the many we have on the market you will need for your work to be perfect.

But rest assured, even though there are several threads, several sizes, several needles, you will notice that in the tutorials you work with (we have several tutorials here on our blog), it will already be specified which needle and which type of thread you will need. So don’t be scared, crochet is very simple!

But in regard of the crochet for beginners subject, the first thing you need to learn is about the types of needles, wool and graphics so you can get your hands dirty, and make your own patterns. Let’s start with the basic equipment you’ll need to learn the basics of crochet.


Crochet for Beginners – Introduction to Crochet Equipment

You don’t need a lot to start crochet. The minimum requirement is:

o A crochet hook

o Some type of crochet thread: usually wool or crochet thread

o  The scissors

It would be nice to have a tapestry needle if you’d like so. Of course, for you to start crochet it is not necessary to have one, but it will help us to finish a project, especially when we have to finish the ends.

That’s it! These are the crochet tips/materials for beginners, and I believe that with this, at least the initial “fear” of learning crochet might have passed. As with everything in life, to really learn, and feel safe about doing the work we need to practice always.

You will soon be doing work as this one =)

Now, your next step is to learn the types of crochet stitches.


Crochet stitches

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Crochet Stitches – Basic Information

If you are looking to learn about some crochet stitches then you have come to the right place. In this post I’m going to list some common crochet stitches you’ll find in crochet tutorials and charts.

At first, learning crochet stitches can be tiring for someone just starting out in this field, but over time the crochet stitches will be imprinted on your mind and you’ll make them practically in an automatic way.

Below I will list some crochet stitches:

1) Double Stitch:

This stitch is one of the basic crochet stitches. So, see in the image below how to make this point and keep training to improve your work:

See the step by step here.

2) Single Crochet:

The Single Crochet is also another important crochet stitch. This stitch is usually used to make pieces that are more closed. So, see the image below and learn how to make this point:

See the step by step here.

3) Chain Stitch:

This stitch is super important because in most of the crochet jobs we use it at the beginning; it is the basis of crochet work. But despite its importance, it is super simple to make. See in the image below how to make the chain stitch:

See the step by step here.

4) Slip Stitch:

When we make the splicing of our work, it is usually the slip stitch that we will use. This stitch is not visible but is super useful for completing our crochet work. So, see in the image below how to make the Slip Stitch.

See the step by step here.

Crochet stitches – different stitches

We’ve just seen some of the basic crochet stitches that everyone who wants to crochet needs to know. However, in the art of crochet there are several other stitches that can make your work even more beautiful. See some points that can make your work more innovative.

4) Reverse Single Crochet:

This stitch is used when we need to finish our work. And this stitch can be used both in crochet work and in knitting. So see in the image below how to make the reverse single crochet:

See the step by step here.

5) X-stitch:

This last stitch that I will show you, the x-stitch, is very cool and with it you can innovate your pieces. See how to do it in the image below:

See the step by step here.

Crochet stitches – summary

Finally, we saw in this post some basic stitches and some very different ones that we can use in our work. Here on the blog we have a page with more than 10 types of stitches for you to learn about. Then, if you want to you can access the page by clicking here and learn more about this beautiful art!

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