Cute Baby Crochet Sheet Step by Step Pattern

Cute Baby Crochet Sheet Step by Step Pattern. Crochet is present in many styles of items, whether it’s for adults, children and even babies. And how about making something for your baby that makes him more comfortable, and which is produced in a completely handcrafted way? So, today we are going to teach you how to make a beautiful high-quality blanket for your baby’s safety, check it out below.

The materials that will be used these are:

⮚ Wool yarn

⮚ Needle #3

With the materials in hand, let’s start the making tutorial.

  • Step 1

Let’s start by making 146 small chains.

  • Step 2

Now we have to follow 4 chains backwards, and when we reach the fifth we need to make a high stitch, this way the border will have 2 high stitches because the previous chains will be vertical as if it was a high stitch.


  • Step 3

Skip a base chain and make 2 more high stitches together, that is in the same stitch. Repeat the procedure until the end of these 2 high stitches sequence along the same stitch, skipping a base stitch.

  • Step 4

On the other row, we do 2 double stitches together in the intervals between the high crochet blocks at the base, and at the beginning of each row, we start by raising 4 little chains to form the first crochet of the corner. Make back-and-forth rows by making these interspersed stitches. In order to reach the blanket length, there will be about 75 rows in total.

  • Step 5

Continue making a row on each side, making the row tape. This row follows the sequence of 2 chains, by making 2 loops on the needle to make double crochets in the space between the base crochets.

  • Step 6

On the edges of these rows, we will make 4 double crochets separated by 2 chains in the last block. The row makes goes round throughout the whole item.

  • Step 7

To make these stitches on the sides, continue the double crochet between stitches. Simply pull the stitch side up and loop it underneath. The final step is done using a secret stitch. In any case, the barred can be done in different ways, including fringes or pompoms.


The best lines for making the blankets are cotton or specific strings for baby items, so it can be avoided allergies due to the threads. Keep in mind that in order to produce delicate blankets you should avoid using thick strings, always choose soft yarns.

Standard sizes for square shaped blankets are 90cm x 90cm, while rectangular sizes range from 100cm to 120cm, and width is at least 70cm.

As we talked about it in the tutorial, during making it will be necessary to make the secret stitch, which is usually used to make borders with different styles and shapes, and this stitch is very simple. You should extend the thread to an optimal height, loop the thread and hold three strands with your finger. After that,  bring the thread back and insert the needle between the threads, keeping the threads on the left apart from the two ones on the right. Loop the thread, follow the sequence with low stitches interspersed with a line space.

It is also possible to add the shell stitch when making the blanket, instead of being on the edges like the secret stitch, the shell stitch is done along the length of the item, which keeps the shell designs very visible in the result, as it is high relief. So, the blanket will be more cozy for the baby, and of course very beautiful.

Crochet allows a lot of creativity in the creative process, so use colors, make different designs, so that everything is the way you want, and always remember to take care of your baby’s skin.

Click here to download the PDF.

We hope that this tutorial will help you make and provide more comfort to your baby.

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