Table Crochet Very Cute step by step

Table Crochet Very Cute step by step. As you’ve already noticed, based on our first article, let’s start here to introduce you to the ancient art of crochet, which as we mentioned before, it’s a great way for you to achieve several things, depending on what your goal in learning crochet is of course.

So, whatever your motivation is for learning how to make your home decor products, gifts, apparel, toys, sweaters, etc. You’re in the right place. Because learning a new activity is always something very good, whether it’s for using it in our professional life as a craft, or simply as a hobby, a moment you can take to do something good for our mind and body.

In this way this article we’ll explain several very important things for your new activity, as well as a bonus that will make you even more excited and motivated to move forward in this new learning process that will definitely bring you very happiness and fulfilment.

The art of crochet is perhaps one of the most beautiful and incredible ones that we can find, and it lasts for several years, sometimes it’s passed down through generations as a tradition.


Another important detail is that through crochet you have a great opportunity to get an income that can start as just an enhancement in your main income, and later it can grow enough to become your main income.

The crochet paths are endless, in addition to practice a great motor coordination activity, developing a new skill, creating your own materials, seeing the fruit of the work of your hands, you can even turn this into a very lucrative source of income.

Also, in crochet you will find some unique languages ​​and abbreviations of such category, and as we are starting to introduce you to this ancient art, today we are going to make a small glossary to introduce you to some of these languages.

Crochet has some basic stitches that are used in various ways, they are:

✔ Chain

✔ Very low point

✔ Low point

✔ Half high crochet

✔ High point

✔ Double crochet

✔ Triple high stitch

✔ Decrease at high point

✔ Increase in high point

Now that you know about these abbreviations in addition to that, below we will teach you to produce a beautiful product, you will start to get your hands dirty. So let’s go!

Owning items that decorate and make your home even more beautiful is very good. Now imagine you have items that you made yourself with your own characteristics, the colors you like the most, and all this done in a very easy and very simple way, I’m sure you would love it, right?

Today we are going to teach you how to make a Passione crochet table rail, a piece that in addition to being very beautiful, is sophisticated and gives a greater beauty to your home. In addition to being completely handcrafted, you will have all the freedom to use your creativity and create a unique piece.

Now prepare your needle, choose the colors you like the most and check out the entire step-by-step below.

This piece is composed of narrow strips joined together.

1st strip: Start with 8 chains, make 1 crochet on 5th chain from needle, 1 crochet on each of the next 3 chains, 4 chains, 1 crocus on each crochet. Repeat until completing 72 rows or the desired size.

2nd strap: 10 chains, 1 double crochet on the 5th chain from the needle, 1 double crochet on each of the 3 following chains, 2 chains, 1 crochet on the loop of the previous strap, 2 chains, 1 double crochet on each double crochet ., 4 chains, 1 crochet in each crochet.. Repeat from * to *.

Click here to download PDF.

Pretty easy, isn’t it? Now you can use this item in your home to give that beautiful, differentiated craft or even sell it because it is an item of great beauty and quality

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