Gnome Santa Amigurumi Full Tutorial

Gnome Santa Amigurumi Full Tutorial. Hello everyone, we are back with another tutorial, today is an amazing day around here, and this super cute gnome Santa will warm your hearts when you look at him.

How not to love some little and cute gnome Santa amigurumi, they are lovely pieces of Japanese art. it’s been a long time since the amigurumi appeared in japan, but it was only recently they got famous outside Japan. Commonly made with cotton yarn, the amigurumi can have a huge amount of colors and formats. but they have some unmistakable characteristics.

One of them is that they generally have a rounded or spherical form. another one is that they have big heads and eyes, empathizing the relation to the whole body. The amigurumi also are short, your sizes vary from 4 to 11 inches.

Usually made for room decoration, those amigurumi are one excellent opportunity to make money crafting cute and happy little creatures. Only for a fast seller price estimate, you can sell the little ones for around $25 and the bigger ones as high as $50 or even more, depending on size and format.


Sell, gift, or even a hobby, doesn’t matter, crafting amigurumi is worth learning. Because of this, we bought to you on this post, tips, tricks, and tutorials for those who want to adventure on these Japanese crafting techniques. Welcome aboard us on this journey.


At the first moment, the amigurumi technique can scare the beginners. In fact, it is important to know a little about knitting before starting on amigurumi, but it doesn’t mean that is impossible for you to learn how to make amigurumi. To achieve success, it is always needed persistence and discipline, even if you have to start from the scratch.

The starting point to make a good amigurumi is to know how to choose the best materials for this work. Check those tips so you never make a mistake on the first steps.

Basic material to make an amigurumi, you’ll need only yarn and needles, and acrylic filling. Some other additional necessary materials are, scissors, buttons, glue, felt, metric tape.

The most recommended yarn to make an amigurumi is cotton, but you can opt for wool instead. Most important is it know how much thin is the line, most delicate gonna be the result. Those thicker lines are more suitable for those who are starting on the crochet and amigurumi crafting.

On the needle side, works more or less like this: Thicker needle works better with thicker yarn, and thinner yarns work better with a thinner needle. But don’t worry much about that all the instructions come with the products you gonna buy.


Now that you already know what you need to have before starting crafting the whole amigurumi sales force, what do you think to check our guide by clicking here?

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