Sustainable Crochet lets craft and save the planet

Sustainable Crochet lets craft and save the planet. It’s been a long time since crochet it’s not seen as just for the elderly items.

It is very common today to see crochet in various fashion events, famous artists using and various advertisements that further elevate the fame and beauty of crochet pieces.

One of the most important points of crochet is its connection with sustainability, because of its durability, crochet transforms tons of textile industry waste into material for creating unique and artistic items.

How about then learning to create items from sustainable materials? In addition to an excellent quality, it helps to take care of our planet. Below we’ll give some tutorials so that you can make items that are currently booming, in addition to leaving the graphics of each production, check everything below.


Classic Crochet Dress.

Materials: 3 skeins of EuroRoma Passione 3 (8/5) 400m in color 350 Lead; Crochet needle 2.5 mm.

Size: P


  • Start with 178 ch (175 base + 3 turn) – the chain stitch size is to compose front and back, but do not close in a circle – make 1 dc on the 4th ch from the needle, 1 dc on each of the next 3 ch, *3 ch, skip 2 ch, 1 sc in the next ch, 3 ch, skip 2 ch, 1 sc. in each of the next 3 ch*. Repeat from * to * and end with 1 dc in each of the last 4 corr.
  • 2nd row: 1 ch, 1 dc. in the 1st sc, 4 ch, 1 sc in the next loop, 4 ch, 1 sc. on the next handle. Repeat from * to * and finish with 1 sc. in the last dc.

Ray Crochet Blouse.

Materials: 1 ball EuroRoma Especial nº 2 (8/4) 500g in color 200 White; Crochet needle No.; Scissors; Tapestry needle for finishing (optional).


  • Start with 176 ch and close with sc, keeping the circular lane.
  • Cut the yarn and make the overlapping rows one at a time.
  • Make the sleeves, from row 14 to 19. Finish with row from poop st for finishing.
  • Cut the thread and finish.

Clutch Bag with Mesh Thread.

Material: 02 EuroRoma Mesh Yarn in plain colors [01 cone of each color]; Crochet needle [It may vary according to the thickness of the knit thread that will be used, from 7mm to 12mm]; 1 zipper with 25 cm; 1 medal for detail

Size: 26 X 17 cm


  • With the EuroRoma Yellow Mesh Yarn or in the color of your choice, make 26 ch (25 base + 1 climb), work 1 sc in the 2nd ch counting from the needle and 1 sc in each ch until the end.
  • 2nd rnd: 1 ch, 1 sc taking only from back of base st in each sc to end. Repeat this rnd 17 more times. Cut and finish the thread.
  • Fold in half the width and close the sides with EuroRoma gray knitted yarn, or in the color of your choice, making a few sc. Also pass 1 rnd of sc with EuroRoma Mesh Thread in gray color on the edge of the wallet. Nail the zipper. Make a pendant with the gray thread, attach it to your wallet and place the medal on the pendant.

With these tutorials, you can already make them for use, as a giftvor to sell these beautiful and excellent pieces. Enjoy and be creative, use different colors, mix them up, do everything to look just the way you like it.

The famous handmade way of manufacturing things, with each passing day, is gaining more space in fashion, take advantage of the space that crafts have conquered and create your pieces with the greatest possible freedom, have fun creating, dressing, and harness all your love and creativity in the items. In addition of you doing it with your own hands, you will also be helping our planet, making it as healthy as possible, we hope to see you in our next tips, see you later.

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