The Owl Toilet Paper Roll Cover and other patterns

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Yes, I know, we’ve disappeared for too long until now. We had many things to solve in our private and professional lives, so we had to abandon our articles for some weeks. But now all is sorted out, and we are back to business!

Since we were talking about work and services, today we decided to bring to you an crochet item that is two in one, it’s decorative and at the same time a tool! That is the crochet toilet paper roll cover!  And today’s pattern is of a beautiful owl!

It’s important to remind you that some crafts, like the crochet toilet paper roll cover, aren’t just decorative. This type of piece is very useful too, we must keep in mind that it plays a very interesting role in the bathroom. We all know how a personalized item in a toilet can change the whole experience within it! And that’s one of the goals here

It never ceases to impress me how crochet items can be very versatile, and made with several kinds of technique, this allows the creation of a multitude of different works.


Also, it’s a good reminder to inform that although the pattern we are sharing in this article is an easy level one, it’s not the easiest type! But, either way those who are starting to learn this type of craft can venture to create a crochet toilet paper roll cover, as it be challenging to a beginner but at the same time is not difficult in the overall.

Said that, we are going to talk now about some very interesting models, and explain how to make a beautiful owl crochet toilet paper roll cover!

Read on and check it all out here!

Crochet toilet paper holder with flower

The crochet paper holder with flower is very beautiful and soft. It makes the bathroom environment very pleasant, as it contributes to the decoration of the room.

There are many different and creative ideas out there. Just choose the one that best suits your bathroom, and get started.

There are some more handmade toilet paper roll cover models.

In addition to just flowers, it is also possible to create other models such as cactus, which are a trend.

You can still decorate your toilet paper cover with pearls, it is very delicate.

Some models are identical to plant pots, a beautiful decorative item.

There are several models for toilet paper roll cover, including the horizontal model, which you can hang in different places in your bathroom.

Some very simple models can only ensure you keep a roll of paper and decorate the environment.

Alright, after giving you some ideas of toilet paper roll cover models, you can google them and find a pattern quite easily. So let’s get to today’s pattern.

The Owl Crochet Toilet Paper Roll Cover

This another cool idea, which has been used a lot. Actually, we’ve got be honest here. Our house is full of owls all over the place. My mom is some sort of owl addicted, and we have all kinds, teacup, rug, toy etc, and of course, a crochet one!

You can find a multitude of inspirations and patterns online. And the best thing is that this idea matches any decor.

The coolest thing about the owl model is that it makes your bathroom well decorated, plus it addes the power of the owl architype. Many animals symbolize some sort of psychological strength, and it’s well known that the owl is related to wisdom, and sure, it’s very cute!

So just click on the following link and check the free pattern we brought specially for you!

Please leave comments about your thought regarding this item, and any other suggestion you may have!

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