Glow in the dark Amigurumi

Hi wonderful people! Lets learn how to create and Glow in the dark Amigurumi!
We hope harmony and well-being is present in your life in this first quarter of January!

I’ve been listening from many people that this year has begun with challenges, and this new spike in Covid cases has made most people worried and afraid. That’s why in this article we are literally bringing light in the dark with an article about the Glow-in-the-dark lines and amigurumi.

It’s obvious that the charming glowing aspect of the line is what is making the glow-in-the-dark amigurumis a great success among the amigurumi making lines nowadays.

Important to remember that this thread is a type of yarn, it’s not exclusive for Amigurumis, crochet and knitting items are made with it.

The only difference is the fact that the yarn glows in the dark and presents a great value for money, as it cheap when you consider the value it brings to the item.

So, we invite you to innovate your amigurumis by learning more about it and checking the Kodama free pattern we selected for you!


What is the glow in the dark amigurumi thread?

One of the main manufactures of this new thread for amigurumi is Círculo, they make this thread which simply glows in the dark.

The launch of this thread is very recent and the difference between it and the others is the light effect that happens only in the dark.

This thread can create a greenish fluorescent! This happens because it has a fiber composed of materials that enables this effect!

Due to a phosphorescent raw material, this thread (100% polyester) glows in the dark, for a limited time.

How the thread glows

The glow lasts for about 15 minutes, and for this to happen you will need to “charge” the item first.

It’s the time the item is being charged that defines if the glow will last longer or not. The way this charging takes place is through the item’s exposure to natural or artificial light.

In that way, the whole item must be in contact with light, for at least 1 hour, to be able to glow in the dark.

Important information about the glow in dark Amigurumi thread

Besides offering a sophisticated look to the item given by the glow, the quality of the thread is also excellent.

The thread is light and has the smallest thickness of all types of threads used in amigurumis manufacturing. Even though is a thin thread it yields much more. So far, the only color available for the glow-in-the-dark yarn is white.

To wash it you can use the same method suggested to all amigurumi threads, which is to clean it with mild soap and water.

Some people wonder if the material is toxic, don’t worry, the wire is completely safe, it is very well coated in a way that the phosphorescent material does not meet the skin.

In short, it does not cause harm to health, and everyone can interact with it, children, young people, men and women, the elderly.

So go ahead and buy this stylish yarn to make your items more elegant and stand out in the dark!

Glow in the dark Amigurumi Kodama Pattern

Our tutorial for today with the glow-in-the-dark thread is for a Kodoma Amigurui. In case you’re not familiarized with it, the Kodama is a character from Japanese mythology. A sort of peaceful and friendly spirit that lives on trees, and these guys can become amazingly cute amigurumis! Specially if the glow in the dark.

The skill level for this pattern is easy. You will need 5mm or 4mm crochet hook. To check the step-by-step and more click on the following link!

Please, as always, share with us your items, and leave comments about this content and the pattern we selected for you!

See you again soon!

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