35 Crochet Cardigan Patterns

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Today we’ve brought to you an amazing selection of Crochet Cardigan Models to inspire you and put you on the loop of the best trends for this model!

Also, there is one tutorial for a Red Heart Cozy Long Cardigan!

The crochet cardigan is a must-have item in women’s closets and closets. In spite of the fact that this item suits better for the cold weather, crochet allows a more open weave for the hottest days too.

Taking into account the enormous range of models, it’s impossible not to find a perfect cardigan for your casual look or for your formal wear. This item is extremely versatile, and crochet only makes this feature more salient, which allows for many different designs and textures.

Initially, the cardigan became part of the feminine look in the 20s, when Coco Chanel decided to insert the item in women’s daily lives. Which made sense since the piece itself appeared first in a British military context as a menswear and in homage to the Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenel.


Now let’s get to the 35 Super stylish women’s crochet cardigan designs

It’s time to learn about the best women’s crochet cardigan models to get inspired and enhance your look.

  1. Cool style which goes well with a colorful, light and loose cardigan cardigan de crochê colorido
  2. Tap into the best designs to customize the itemcardigan de crochê classico
  3. More than one color for the cardigan cardigan de crochê rosa
  4. Or just one colorcardigan de crochê básico
  5. Or it can be vey colorful cardigan de crochê muito colorido
  6. But pay attention to the shape, because that can change everything! modelo azul de cardigan de crochê
  7. The stripes give birth to a simple print cardigan de crochê listrado
  8. Also, focus on the texture of the same crochet stitch can make it even simpler cardigan de crochê feminino bege
  9. These charming designs can be interesting cardigan de crochê rosê
  10. Because we all know that crochet enables us to have many variations tipos de cardigan de crochê
  11. Crochet cardigan can accompany you on sunny days cardigan de crochê simples
  12. And a tighter weft will be handy for cold days cardigan de crochê elegante
  13. However, having these holes in the clothes are super stylish ideias de cardigan de crochê
  14. Elegance is the must-have foto de cardigan de crochê longo
  15. Find your inspiration in the puffy sleeves and create a loose modelcardigan de crochê vermelho
  16. We have crochet cardigan for all styles cardigan de crochê grande
  17. Be stylish and keep soft cardigan de crochê para pessoas grandes
  18. Pockets are great idea for this itemcardigan de crochê infantil
  19. Fringes are great details for the bottom bar cardigan branco
  20. Find the crochet cardigan that best matches your style cardigan bege
  21. The size of the item influences the whole look too cardigan cinza
  22. The colorful flower squares favor a jovial style cardigan com desenhos
  23. They can have the same color palette with different shades cardigan tom escuro
  24. The floral print can look like this on the crochet cardigan cardigan tom claro
  25. And a clean style can be pretty daring cardigan elegante
  26. This color suits better with rustic models cardigan tradicional
  27. The cutest set is between mother and daughter cardigan tal mãe tal filha
  28. The 5 dc pop stitch looks wonderful on the crochet cardigan, creating a great texture cardigan tom neutro
  29. But the crochet cardigan can look great anyway cardigan simples
  30. This kind of golden cardigan is amazing, isn’t it? cardigan mostarda
  31. How about a blogger style? cardigan de blogueira
  32. Crochet cardigan can also be dressed in formal events cardigan chic
  33. This model with long length and color change is very unusual  cardigan básico dia a dia
  34. Truth is that cardigan doesn’t need to be only a cold weather garment cardigan para grávidas
  35. The versatility of this piece is wonderful. modelo com cardigan

On the following link you have a tutorial

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