Crochet Bracelet: step by step & other patterns

Hello crochet students and colleagues! I hope you’re ok! We’re back to updating this blog daily! This Crochet Bracelet pattern you will love. With the routine back it’s easier to keep it going! Today we will check out a variety of crochet bracelet models and an outstanding tutorial just for you!

The thing about crochet bracelet is its adaptability, which is what makes it never go out of trend, and of course, it’s gorgeous!

There are bracelets for all tastes and styles, and taking into account the fact you can design it in your own personalized way, it can become unique! Keep that in mind when you make your own. You can use all of these ideas as inspiration but remember to find your own inner style!

There are so many ways to make these bracelets that the hard thing is to choose just the one that you will get your inspiration from!

It’s normal to see several bracelets in people’s closets, and that is because the technique allows you to create different designs and patterns.


Here are some of designs and patterns we’ve selected. Remember to mix them and create something new. Please, share with us your results!

Men’s crochet bracelet

Some men prefer leather bracelets, but they can be blended on the arm with crochet bracelets, no problem. Nowadays, more than ever, the trend of crochet bracelets for men is on the rise, due to the paradigm shift we’ve been living in esthetics, where men and women are bending the rules of masculinity and femininity trends.

Either way, to maintain a certain man-like look to the bracelet, It is also possible to have the same men’s bracelet with metal, leather and braided crochet threads. Each promotes the ideal combination of materials for your style.

Children’s crochet bracelet

The tutorial selected for today’s pattern is more indicated to children, something that crochet bracelets scope of possibilities usually have more options to offer. Colorful and cheerful bracelets are the best options for children. It’s also possible to have those simpler, and the most incredible and ornamental designs that only crochet is capable of providing us with.

The shapes are diverse, and you can have them with loose threads, beads, pompoms and more.

Along with regular size crochet bracelets we have the thin bracelets that can be worn together, or by themselves. They can have the same color or different ones, kids love them in either case. Thicker bracelets are equally interesting and attractive.

After all, these patterns are made with more elaborate crochet stitches with designs of flowers, zigzags, hearts, squares and circles, etc.

Thus, the crochet bracelet for children is a game and a gem.

Women’s crochet bracelet

Here is where the trends and news are always renewed and limitless, you can make innumerous different styles of combinations for women, regardless of the type of coloring.

The feminine style can range a lot, the same woman can wear different types of bracelets depending on occasions and preferences.

There are standard models that are very easy to make, but there are those who want something more elaborate for special moments.

With the more complex models, the bracelets are filled with beautiful metal appliqués, and off course demand a better crochet skill level.

Delicate beads and stones are also welcome and can make for a more rock n’roll style.

Crochet Bracelet Tutorial

I’ve got be honest with you, this item is so gorgeous that I wanted to keep as a secret! I’m joking, of course I wouldn’t do that! Sharing crochet tutorial is one of my life’s pleasures!

With this step by step, you will be able to create a crochet bracelet rich in its multiplicity of colors.

Easy to make and great to give children to its cool look. You can access the tutorial on the following link, enjoy it!

See you next time!

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