Blanket Tutorial for Crochet Plaid and Floralison Sofa

Blanket Tutorial for Crochet Plaid Sofa

Good afternoon my dear girls! After a long time without posting, I’m back today. And I decided to come back today with two “different” tutorials from the ones that I usually post here. I’ve been travelling around the country for the last months. When I was on the West Coast visiting a friend, I saw these tutorials at his house and couldn’t resist the urge to share it with you, these sofa blankets are beautiful! Even though they’re a little different I’m sure you’ll like it

The first tutorial I got for you is for the plaid-style sofa blanket (black and white), but I believe that with your creativity and out-of-the thinking it is possible to make many beautiful works with this tutorial. Just get into the flow, and you will be able to go beyond the instructions here.

Now let’s go to the specs for the sofa blanket.


Plaid Sofa Blanket Tutorial Summary

o Materials needed: two rolls of thread number 6 in white color, two rolls of thread number 6 in black, crochet hook number 2.5.

Stitches of the Tutorial for Plaid Sofa Chess

The chain stitch

The single stitch

The double stitch

The slip stitch

I really loved this sofa blanket S2

Now, as you probably have already notice, I like to bring more than one tutorial to our articles here. I try to keep some familiarity with the subject, and at the same time to create a contrast between them.

Moving to our next tutorial that I’m sure you will find sublime!

Crochet Floralison Sofa Blanket

So here we are to present our next tutorial, another beautiful crochet recipe to share with you. It’s not the first time I’ve shared a couch blanket recipe, and I hope to get your feedback on it so we know if we should continue with this kind of tutorials. The Floraison Sofa Blanket tutorial is super beautiful and is relatively easy to make, although it’s a little more challenging than the one for the Plaid Sofa. The tone that the tutorial brings is blue and raw, but each one can choose the tone that best suits their home environment.

It’s advisable to search about color matching, color palette and color combinations on google before choosing it. In that way you can be innovative and can keep the color harmony in your room!

The Floraison Sofa Blanket measures approximately 90cm x 150cm and I’m sure this size is enough to cover the sofa and make the environment even more cozy and beautiful, but also, feel free to increase the size of the blanket when necessary, or you can even make your own set with another smaller blanket. In the walkthrough of the Floraison Sofa Blanket you will find 3 diagrams with a very nice detailing of all the pieces.

So let’s move on to the details of this amazing Floralison Sofa Blanket.

Floraison Sofa Blanket Specifications

o Size (approximate): 90cm x 150cm

o Materials needed: a roll of Apollo 4/6 thread (700g) in ecru, a ball of Baroque Multicolor 4/6 thread (400g) in blue, a roll of colored Apollo 4/6 string (400g) in the color marine; crochet hook number 4.

Floralison Sofa Blanket Stitches

The chain stitch

The single stitch

The slip stitch

The double stitch

The 3-chain picot

Alright then! That’s about it! Remember that we always encourage you to find your own style. This is a guide, but it’s also an invitation to innovation and out-of-the-box thinking!

Also, sorry girls for the little hiatus between recipes. I promise to try to post more regularly! Kisses to all!

I loved it!

Girls remember to share and like the recipe!!! To the next!!!

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