Crochet Cup Coaster / Holder

Hello beauty! I hope all is well! Today’s article is about an item that’s not only decorative, but also a useful item that is worth having at home, it’s the crochet cup coaster or holder.

There are many sizes of crochet cup coasters, with that in mind most of the info and tips here will help you find the types that will be in alignment with your preferences and taste.

Prepare yourself to see more modern crochet models, but also one that are easy to be made, even for those who are starting in crochet.

The cup holder is a simple item and relatively small. And the making process can be finished very quickly because with few rounds it is possible to see the result.


It is a piece that can be used by itself or in a crochet table set to decorate your dining table. It is an incredible option for those who want to enjoy their free time or want to sell it to increase their family’s income.

Most used types of crochet coasters

The most used models to make crochet coasters are the circular ones. From this format, it is possible to reproduce images such as flowers, fruits, mandalas, hearts, among other lovely ideas.

Another option often used for crochet coasters are animal figures, such as the imitation of the outline of a kitten’s or puppy’s face.

Animals serve as inspiration for children’s decorations or, simply, for cute and fun decorations.

It is also possible to make other delicate figures that are very well used in everyday life, such as hearts and stars. Furthermore, everyone can choose the cup holder model according to the occasion of the moment, creating several different pieces.

A discreet piece, whether circular or square, can gain an attractive detail made with the crochet itself. Like little flowers, hearts and stars reproduced separately, in a much smaller size.

The details can also contain a shine or a different texture, which creates other nuances.

These details usually serve as appliqués, instead of being made during the work, that is, as the piece is being formed.

Creating salience and other effects, coming from a subtle and creative detail, is a very common and easy idea to do, in case it is a simple item.

Ideal size and measurements of the crochet cup holder

Although it is commonly though that the crochet cup holder is a small piece, there are many sizes and there a significant number of people that are unsure if there is an ideal size for it.


In fact, there is no standard size because, nowadays, there are many choices of cups and containers that have different diameters and shapes.

If it’s the case of a very small cup, the cup holder that is too wide and long will not fit as elegantly and harmoniously as a decoration, whether it is to decorate a table, tray or countertop.

Take, for example, the reference to a pint glass, the ones used in bars to drink beer, and a small one used to drink water at home.

Small cups can fit into cup holders with a diameter of 9cm while other larger cups may need a diameter of up to 15cm.

In this way, it’s recommended to take as basis the measurements of the cup, creating a paper mold to use during the making of your work.

To have an average size, think of a measurement between 9cm and 15cm. What will be the result?

The average would be 12cm, based on a reasonable diameter that would be within an initial reference, especially for those looking to make coasters for sale. In this way, it can be said that 12cm is a standard size.

However, a centimeter more or less can make a lot of difference in the use of the item in relation to the type of cup that will be on it. Therefore, evaluate carefully if you want to make coasters for specific containers.

This item can be used as a coaster or holder for different types of drinking vessels, such as cups, glasses, different glasses and mugs.

We hope you have liked our tips and information on this article! To download the pattern and learn the step-by-step to make a crochet cup holder or coaster, click on the following link:

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