Crochet Sofa Blanket Tutorials

Tutorial for Astro Crochet Sofa Blanket. Good morning, girls! I hope all is well! Today I got a little late for posting this week’s tutorial, but the wait was worth it. The recipe I’m going to share today is simply BEAUTIFUL!

Lately I’ve been really interested in sofa blankets; I believe you have noticed this for the simple fact that I have posted several of these kinds of recipes in the last few months. And as your feedback has been positive, I decided to post one more blanket today.

Today’s tutorial is the Astro Sofa Blanket. I thought this recipe was divine, with its square shape, the motif designs, everything! Also, choosing the details and the red embroidery made me keen to make one for myself. =)

Let’s talk a little more about the Astro Sofa Blanket, the step-by-step shows us three charts teaching how to make the motifs, which will be the basis of our recipe. Then the second graphic shows how we to outline the motifs, giving the specific size to our blanket. And finally, we will check the assembly scheme and learn how to outline the outside of the recipe to finish.

One of the coolest things about this recipe is that there’s no further difficulties to make it at all and let me you that you can make a very colorful set, each one with a different color and place it in the room. I think it would be cute. Anyone who wants to try and then send a photo, I’ll post it to the group.

But then let’s get to the Astro Sofa Blanked specs.

Crochet Astro Sofa Blanket Specifications

o Size (approximate): 1.10m x 1.10m

o Materials needed: 2 pounds of string number 6 in raw color; 1 pound of string number 6 in red color; crochet hook number 3.5mm.

Crochet Astro Sofa Blanket Stitches

The chain stitch

The single stitch

The slip stitch

The double stich

The reverse single crochet

What a beautiful blanket! S2

That’s it for the Astro one Girls. Now we’re going to learn more about another amazing tutorial!

Tutorial for Sofa Peau Verte

Let’s check our next tutorial, The Sofa Peau Verte. Another fancy and outstanding crochet design to bring esthetical beauty and life to your room!  I hope you really enjoy this one! Remember to comment!

Let’s describe a little bit of this type of sofa blanket. The Peau Verte Sofa Blanket is a very beautiful and easy to make one. In this recipe we will use the basics and the graph, is simple to read and simple to execute. And, particularly, I thought this recipe in the original colors were quite cute!

Once you start to get your hands on the Peau Verte Sofa Blanket making process, observe the change of yarn and color in the chart. You can finish by making the union of motifs and the outlining. I hope you like the recipe!

Now let’s go to the specifications of the Peau Verte Sofa Blanket.

Crochet Peau Verte Sofa Blanket Specifications

o Size (approximate): 1.23m x 1.23m

o Materials used: 3.5 pounds of number 6 thread in ecru color, one roll of number 6 thread in green, one skein of Baroque yarn in pink multicolor (9427), one skein of Baroque yarn in green multicolor ( 9384); crochet hook number 3.5mm.

Crochet Peau Verte Sofa Blanket Stitches

The chain stitch

The single stitch

The slip stitch

The double stitch

The 3-chain picot

The 2 single crochet increase

Quite stunning!

Alright girls! I hope you enjoyed this recipe. And I wish you all a great week! Do not forget to share the recipe for the Sofá Peau Verte Blanket and leave some comments! Kisses!

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