Crochet Heart: Tutorial and Patterns

Hi my wonderful ladies! How are things with you during this week? I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been feeling that love is in the air! So today I decided to talk about the cute crochet heart models!

The crochet heart is a marvelous item, one that can be made quickly and practically, although it exists some elaborate models. Those may require more skill with the technique.

Despite that, as we always point out here, crochet allows for a wide range of possibilities. Thus, the heart is a beautiful shape that deserves to be part of this multiplicity of crochet handicrafts.

The simple step by step to make a very modern crochet heart will open the doors to other works that consist of this same format or, at least, are inspired by it.


Love, affection, and welcoming are some impressions created by this symbol that it’s in the collective imagination, it’s an archetypical truth, which brings this light and fulfilling feeling.

The steps can be found on the following link

Now we will share some information and insights about Heart Crochet Models.

Heart Crochet Sousplat

Crochet sousplats can have different shapes and colors, but the heart shape can also surprise you for several reasons.

At the table, everyone likes the welcome of good company in front of the best meals. Therefore, the sousplat of heart can be the best option in many occasions.

There is the specific charm of each item, which ends up being composed by the references of each one, which also add up to its delicacy and shape.

Another feature of the heart is that it manifests the home coziness, the design will reinforce the essence and personality of the residents.

The main goal here is to make the item promote more love within your houses, and make even more special some home moments.

In this way, the heart shape will not pose any aesthetic problem, as the technique itself allows for different customizations and designs to complement and build it.

Taking advantage of the possibilities of crochet is the best option for making surprising and personalized hearts. Anyway, the sousplat set needs to match the occasion and the use objectives of each person.

Use the heart shape for moments of socializing or to increase the affection and love found on the peculiarities of your item.

Heart Crochet Rug

Heart crochet rugs can be found in every room and need to be adapted to different atmospheres.

Rooms and hallways can tend to have heart-shaped crochet rugs that bring a cozy look, in which case the piece can be even more neutral and sober.

After all, these are places that usually have a lot of furniture and decorative objects, and the heart, in itself, is already a very strong visual figure.

For the kitchen, heart rugs can have a more rustic character, especially if the room has a lot of wooden items and you move in this style.

Another way to decorate the kitchen with rugs is to make the piece with a very clean or very colorful look, causing a contrast in relation to the design of the environment.

However, the rooms, which are also usually very decorated, have a more individual character and allow for greater boldness when creating this craft.

In this way, the crochet heart will have an even more individual representation and the style will depend on how each one intends to take advantage of this format.

So that’s all we’d like to share about this type of crochet item. I personally have one these in my place, due to its power of bringing this feeling of love to the environment.

Don’t forget to check the step by step on the link we shared above. And as always, please leave your comments!

See you the next time!


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